Tuesday, January 12, 2010


All of the Menace singles are classics. Catchy in your face 77 Punk Rock. Intelligent Lyrics, and great sing along chorus's were trademarks. Menace were first formed in August 1976 when singer, Morgan Webster, met school friends Noel Martin, Charlie Casey and Steve Tannet at the Hope and Anchor pub in Islington. Their first gig at the now legendary Roxy was attended by Miles Copeland from Step Forward and Illegal Records who signed them straight away... Menace played all the main punk gigs like the Roxy, Hope & Anchor and Vortex, as well as Rock Against Racism festivals, building up a large following which was boosted by regular support slots with Sham 69.
Their first charting single was 'Screwed Up/Insane Society'. However, their second single 'GLC' was much more controversial. It was a superb rant against the then Tory-run Greater London Council which tried to ban punk gigs in the capital. It was hard hitting with it's take no prisoners 'you're full of shit!' lyrics and was promptly banned my many radio stations. Three more singles followed, but by now, 1979, trouble was brewing. Fascist attendance at Sham 69 gigs, hostile press borne out of ignorance finally led Menace calling it a day. It looks as though Menace has reformed With a new LP to come, some time in May. Go check out their Myspace.
1. G.L.C.


topper said...

Great single, great band

Got this one myself (of coarse)


I know It may not be that rare but it's one of my favorites.

Tim said...

The one 7" of Menace everyone considered "rare" was "I Got Nothing" or something like that. I could be wrong - it is like centuries ago when I used to own all of their small but nonetheless great catalogue. After "The Young Ones"-7 (1980) it was all over for this great band.
While other british acts in this genre changed their style in the late seventies and early eighties to a more polished and boring version of the remaining 77-Punk- Rock and Roll outfits, Menaace stayed true to their beliefs for a longer period. Unfortunately they fell like many of their colleagues for the Oi-shit. I saw it coming in the late seventies that some ex-punks and skinheads used Oi as a platform for their racial slurs and no-brain propaganda. I remember other former punk acts playing live while skins beating the shit of other people not having baldy hair visiting their gigs and the bands not doing anything at all about it. Maybe it was out of cowardice or they had just changed their agenda-anyway it turned everything around.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Tim, I seen many shows ruined by them here to.