Sunday, June 12, 2022

Apple - Holes In the Ceiling Single

   Here's a Powerepop 2 sider for ya that's a bit on the moody side. The band is pretty much a mystery, (at least as far as the internet and myself are Other then a few Ebay listings and Discogs; there's no mention of them anywhere. The white paper sleeve, is autographed by Scott Wittenburg. I found an Author/ Photographer from Ohio, with some bands in his past but I'm not sure if it's the same guy. Discogs has it, released in 1979; so I guess we'll spin with that? Going Back is my favorite, of the two.

Lost Nation Records 1979

1. Holes In the Ceiling
2. Going Back


Vlad said...

Hi Frank, thanks for sharing this real gem!!

Frank Miller said...

Hi Vlad. You're welcome; thanks for commenting! Stay tuned. I intend on expanding on this post, in the near future.