Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I never said that i was only going to post vinyl, although that's where most of my collection is. So, this is my first cd , and what a great disk this is . This is a comp of most of their best stuff, and when you listen to it you will realize what a awesome band this is . Brothers Rick and Kurt Reil grew up playing music together in Central New Jersey and their strong musical and familial bond ultimately gave birth to The Grip Weeds. Both share singing and songwriting duties and their close-knit harmony vocals recall those of the Everly Brothers or The Byrds. Besides being a capable singer, Kurt’s explosive drumming resembles that of a young and sober Keith Moon, while Rick alternates between crashing power chords and delicate 12-string riffs. Female lead guitarist Kristin Pinell proves that a woman can rock as intensely as anyone; her epic melodic leads draw inspiration from the likes of Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Brian May and George Harrison. Rounding out the foursome is super musician Michael Kelly, whose bass lines run from lyrical to thunderous.
The band has released four full-length CDs (three on the Rainbow Quartz label), performed throughout the US and in Europe, and has garnered significant radio/internet airplay including several songs spotlighted on Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio shows. The Grip Weeds have produced all of their recordings at their own studio House Of Vibes as well as those of many other artists- most recently, Kurt engineered and co-produced Meet The Smithereens, a CD tribute to the Beatles by New Jersey's The Smithereens.
The Grip Weeds' latest release, House Of Vibes Revisited, is a remixed and remastered edition of their debut disc, re-imagined for the 21st Century. Featuring an impressive blend of Beatle-esque sensibilities fused with rock edginess, the band’s trademark lush harmonies and high caliber songwriting, the original release put The Grip Weeds on the map in the ‘90s. Having already remixed and remastered their second album The Sound Is In You in 2003, a “fresh coat of paint” on House Of Vibes seemed a natural next step; the album’s remix is a dramatic and sometimes astonishing sonic improvement, which celebrates and cements the band's reputation as D.I.Y. recording stalwarts. In addition, the band will be featured on compilations to be released on Little Steven’s Wicked Cool Records this year. I just saw these guys play some songs from this at a promotional show at vintage vinyl and they were really great . You should definitely own this disk. some of this info came from http://www.gripweeds.com/
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Anonymous said...

What a good band! terrific! thanks for shar this disk!
Cheers from argentina,

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Henry, if you ever get a chance to see them live; you should check them out, they're great.