Monday, February 20, 2017

The Mix (Break Up Shake Up EP)

a repost by request, originally posted 1/24/09, new rips and scans.
The Mix were a three piece from Nanaimo, B.C.; that were around from the mid to late 80's. I can't find any other releases for the band but A Few You Tube Videos show the mix playing more polished material, live and in the studio, so they may have released something else. Sadly, one of the videos mention that Gerrit Swart, may have passed away.

Line Up -

Gerrit Swart - Bass, Vocals
Lee Worden - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Phil Wipper - Drums, Vocals

Zoinks Records 1985

1. Maybe (Face To The Wall)
2. 3 Acts Of Love
3. Look To The Other Side
4. Break Up/Shake Up

♫♫♫...Starring Through A Dirty Window...♫♫♫


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This is the only thing i´ve been able to find:
Nanaimo's first punk band, this privately pressed album was cut in very limited quantities. The picture sleeve has sold for nearly $200.00 when the insert has been included.

Gerrit Swart: bass, vocals
Lee Worden: guitar, piano, vocals
Phil Wipper: drums, vocals

Museum of Canadian Music

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