Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'd like to thank Chris, and Bruce, from the great My Lifes A Jigsaw Blog for the info here. Originally called Acropolis,The Neat hailed from leeds in 1978. This was their lone 45, and was recorded in April 79, 1000 copies sold. They broke up in the early 80's, although the nucleus of the band metamorphosed in to Zed warren six, who released a 45 on mjb records.

Sadly, David Parkinson, who played synths, wrote and produced the great Powerpop classic "Hormones In Action", died on August the 17th, 2010. Before his involvement with The Neat, David had a band called the "Sneakers", who released one single. He was also involved with bands such as; the "Mirror Boys", and "Zoo Boutique" which featured Davids then wife Emmie and a solo single released on the Ariola label under the name "Cuba". David eventually gave up music for teaching.
This information was emailed to me by Davids good freind, Chris Marshall, who at the time was in the process of getting a tribute together for the Bradford newspaper, The Telegraph and Argus, on Sept. 9th.


topper said...

nevr heard of them....i'm gonna listen

thanx for youre postings

bristolboy said...

you need to get your hands on mario panciera's book 45 revoulutions

here's a shortened version of what he says + a bit of extra from me

originally called Acropolis. The neat were an impressive mod/powerpop outfit hailing from leeds, active from 1978

with a line up of
paul jepson v/gtr
ray fensome gtr
andy jepson b/v
tim mills d (also played with mirror boys - 7" - "at tiffanys" e.p on wortly road records (1980)
- worth getting hold of !!!)

the neat's lone 45 was recorded in April 79 the a side being composed by Dave Parkinson (from pub rock combo "Sneakers" who released a 7" on petal records called link lady)

1000 copies sold

they broke up in the early 80's although the nucleus of the band metamorphosed in to "Zed warren six" (who released a 45 on mjb records)

good blog just came across it


Thanks for the info, I've been meaning to pick that book up for some time. Although the hundred dollar price tag has allways seemed to hold me back. But i have heard it's a really well done ref book.

45 Revolutions said...

'45 Revolutions' is definitely a good read!

Nice post. It's a shame The Neat only did this one single...


Anonymous said...

I was very sad to hear of the death of Dave Parkinson, he co-wrote (with Russ Elias) our single, Hormones in action, and had the good grace to play keyboards and produce the recording at Ric Rac in 1979. I will always remember Dave at Sneakers gigs forever fixing his hammond organ in situ screwdriver and soldering iron in hand!, we had the pleasure of supporting his band many times. Dave was a top, top musician and songwriter and wrote another song for us called Daddies teardrops (never recorded, regretfully) set one bonfirenight ironically. I still somewhere have the handwritten lyrics which will be always treasured. Rest In Peace Dave. Paul Jepson (Jepp) The Neat

rob lowther said...

i enjoyed watching the neat playing in leeds cause i new them well i was a member of the sneakers in fact i composed the guitar riff for hormones in action during the preparation of the song . My name is Rob lowther i joined the band after audition in jan 1978 great experience but i just heard bout dave p i feel heartbroken even tho i lost contact over the years anyway my e mail is lowtherrobert@gmail.com all the best rob

rob lowther said...

i enjoyed watching the neat in leeds cause i was the last member of the sneakers my name is rob lowther i live in dingle west coast of ireland now. i composed the guitar riff for hormones in action during the preparation with dave russ and andy.im sorry to hear bout dave p i feel heartbroken even tho i lost contact years ago my e maqil is lowtherrobert706@.com all the best rob x

Frank Miller said...

Hi Rob, thanks for the comment; hopefully, you guys can get back in touch.