Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Plasmatics were formed by Yale University graduate and radical anti-artist Rod Swenson with Wendy O. Williams. The band was a controversial group known for wild live shows that broke countless taboos as part of an assault on American popular culture.
In addition to chainsawing guitars, blowing up speaker cabinets and sledgehammering television sets, Williams and the Plasmatics blew up automobiles live on stage. Williams was arrested multiple times and was seriously beaten in Milwaukee by the Milwaukee police before being charged with public indecency. The group was banned in London, where they were labeled as anarchists, and riots followed in Zürich and elsewhere.
The Plasmatics' career spanned five studio albums.The core of the band consisted of vocalist/front person Wendy O. Williams, guitarists Richie Stotts and Wes Beech, and manager Rod Swenson. Bassists and drummers rotated frequently over the years
In 1988, it was officially announced that Wendy and the Plasmatics were "going on hiatus." Rod later told Classic Rock magazine that they both knew they had stopped.
Wendy's last performance of a Plasmatics song occurred due to the prompting of Joey Ramone. She performed "Masterplan" one final time with Richie Stotts, when Richie's band opened for the Ramones on New Year's Eve, 1988.
On April 6, 1998, Wendy O. Williams committed suicide, ending all hopes for a reunion. A memorial was held at CBGB on May 18. Chosei Funahara, Richie Stotts, Wes Beech, Stu Deutsch, Jean Beauvoir and possibly TC Tolliver played a six-song set with four of them handling the vocals.
In 1998, shortly after Wendy's death, the Plasmatics launched an official website. In 2000, Plasmatics Media, Ltd, began re-mastering and re-releasing the entire Plasmatics and Wendy O. Williams catalog, t-shirts, and assorted other merchandise. Under this new label, Coup De Grace, the demo version of Coup d'Etat, was released. In 2002, two greatest hits, Put Your Love in Me: Love Songs for the Apocalypse and Final Days: Anthems for the Apocalypse were released.


John Liedown said...

Loved the early Plasmatics stuff. Explosions, coloured vinyl & a semi naked godess on vocals. Whats not to like when your 12? Still like it now as it goes :)

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Can anyone post the Richie Stotts/King Flux 7"?

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I think this post mixed with other of The Pets....

Congratulations for the wonderful records you post!

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Thanks for the heads up. It happened when I transfered all my files. I'll fix it as soon as i get a chance.

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