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Excellent second single from the Cold. Great powerpop, all their records are worth owning. Below I will put a link for their website, which is really well done. They have lots of cool merchandise for you to purchase .The band has a very interesting history, I would also check out some of their individual bios, such as Vance Degeneres.
In 1979, when the music of Olivia Newton-John, Christopher Cross, and The Captain & Tennille dreamily filled the airwaves, a precursor to the Cold was launched by University of New Orleans students Smith and Radecker, who were playing variations on the rabble-rousing, three chord sounds of the Buzzcocks and the Sex Pistols. Soon, these two guitarists joined forces with DeGeneres, brother of comedian Ellen; Menendez, a year out of Mount Carmel High School; and Luckette, who joined after he split with another locally popular group called the Normals.
From 1980 to 1982, the Cold became a live music sensation, filling clubs like Jimmy's and Jed's with fresh, young fans taken by the band's high-energy sound and Menendez's even more high-energy stage antics. These legions of fans helped fuel the Cold's record sales - four singles totalling more than 25,000 copies - and defy the airwave barrier for local music. In a radio market known for ignoring local rock (this was before the days of Deadeye Dick and Better than Ezra), the Cold placed the singles "You" and "Mesmerized" on WTUL, WQUE, WTIX, and B-97.
The band played hundreds of shows throughout the region, from Texas to Florida, before splitting up in 1982. After reuniting in 1984, the Cold released an album and, later in the year, a new single. The LP "16 Songs Off a Dead Band's Chest" anthologized the band's early years and included crowd favories such as "Working Girl" and "Russian Around". The Cold's final album, "Major Minor" (1985), combined newer material like "What Went Wrong Today" with popular standbys such as "That's the Way Boys Are" (originally recorded by Lesley Gore.)
The 1997 studio compilation CD "Three Chord City" features all ten songs from the band's five singles, plus tracks from both albums. It also includes two previously unreleased songs, and two songs previously available as live tracks. The Cold's big beat, 90 mile-an-hour style, featuring clever lyrics and enthusiastic harmonies, is as bracing today as when the original Top Pop vinyl was first released.
- Rich Collins, Gambit Weekly Newspaper
REFERENCES - THE OFFICIAL COLD WEBSITE http://www.threechordcity.com/ VANCE DEGENERES http://www.vancedegeneres.com/pages/art/

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