Sunday, May 3, 2009


This is a real Boston hardcore classic. I took this info from the insert of the No Guts, No Glory 12" that you can purchase from Reflex Records on Interpunk.com. It was written by Jonas Kimvall. There's links at the bottom for this story and others at the bottom of the post. Last Rights formed in 1983 after Negative FX split up and were, along with DYS and SS Decontrol, at the core of the so-called Boston Crew. They were a group of about 20-30 people who used to follow SS Decontrol everywhere they went [and would crew for each other if not all bands were not playing]. There are numerous stories about what they did. One is how they used to roll into New York shows in SS Decontrol's black windowless van with X's painted on their heads. And if they saw a kid in the pit without an X on his head, they'd punch him as he was from New York. Yes, there was a lot of tension between the Boston and the New York scene. Boston had, along with the Washington DC scene, a Straight Edge mentality and a suburban upbringing. The New York scene was based around the Lower East Side and seemed very street and violent compared to Boston. It also had beggars, Krishnas and other oddities. Last Rights only played one show, on February 5 1983, at The Guiding Star Grange Hall in Greenfield, Massachusetts with DYS, Deep Wound, BIU, Grey Matter, All White Jury and the Outpatients [this was the Outpatients' first show ever also]. They only recorded six tracks, two of which ["Chunks" and "So Ends Our Night"] made it on to this single issued by Taang! Records in 1984 [this was Taang! Records' second release ever]. There was also a limited edition of the 7" single [100 copies] and on that cover there was a photo of Adolph Hitler and some of his associates but according to Mark McKay Jack Kelly put it there because he wanted to piss people of [and it's my guess that he succeeded]. Backing vocals on the track "So Ends Our Night" were done by Jamie Sciarappa [SS Decontrol], Pat Ratferty [Negative FX] and Dicky Barrett [The Cheapskates and Impact Unit]. All the six tracks Last Rights ever recorded were reissued in 1996 by Taang! Records on a CD [along with the Negative FX album. Where are they now?? Jack Kelly founded slapshot in 1985, and the drummer, James Powers, is now currently working on a project called Defcon Four, with ex members of World War, Arise, and Coleman.
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