Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The 99th floor is a series of my own home made compilations. It started as something that I put together for a few Friends. I only ever made 1 volume, I had it for download previously on this site. Anyway, I decided to continue the series, I compiled 3 more volumes, but instead of putting them on disc, I'm going to post them here. The files are rather large, each comp has about thirty or so songs on it. They should take a little time for you to download but, it will be worth your effort. I have always been a huge fan of 60's music. I think along with the late 70's to the early 80's, It's one of the best periods in music. At least for my taste. On these comps you'll find bands you may no but maybe a not so popular song from them, Some rare stuff, and so not so rare stuff. In a nut shell, these are some of my favorite 60's tunes. From my collection to yours, check out The 99th Floor. Please feel free to leave comments. Enjoy!!!


Mike Ether said...

Great work Frank!! This shows your excellent taste in music.
cheers on you mate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.

Pedro (Spain)

topper said...

thanx a lot Frank.........appreciated

josechu modforever said...

Thanks for this comps.... good singles, good comps!!!

Un salumod.

Anonymous said...

KILLER shares!!!
...but link for Vol 04 is busted.
Please to reup?


David Prensil said...

I don´t find a good song in your compilations. ALL ARE EXTREMELY GOOD!!



I'm not sure why you had trouble with the link for #4, I tried it and it worked. Thanks to everyone for all your great comments. I'm glad you like the comps, maybe I'll do a few more some time.

FUZZFACE said...

A very very very good compilations.
Thanks for it.

Anonymous said...

Really great stuff. Hope Volume 4 is not the end but the beginning of a wonderful new series!

sfdoomed said...

I think most people who dig this wonderful blog you have agree on the musical time periods you cover. Thanks for posting all the great rarities!

Zach said...

holy! it took me a whole day to download all of these, but it was well worth it. i've just skimmed every track once. now i've got to go through them all and pick my favourites. off the top i must say i'm quite enjoying Zakary Thaks. thanks!

Zach said...

i just got the Zakary Thaks, Form The Habit 12". ah it's so great. thanks for making me aware of the band. i'm still listening through these comps, can't wait for a new one.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Zach, glad your enjoying the comps. Maybe sometime this year I'll put a new one together.

Zach said...

this Gents song needs to be on VOLUME #FIVE.


Frank Miller said...

High Zach, classic tune, there's a band called The Madd, that do a great cover of that song.Thanks for the comment.

Zach said...

oh nice, i'll have to check it out. the Grains of Sand's "going away baby" is also very good.