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Up now is an excellent punk blast from the Feederz, Although the lyrics may be offensive to some, the shrill screams and evil single E string Guitar on Jesus and Avon Lady, make this a must own. The Feederz were from Arizona. They are infamous for their song Jesus Entering from the Rear which featured on Alternative Tentacles' Let Them Eat Jellybeans compilation.
Formed in 1977 by Frank Discussion and Clear Bob (Dan Clark). Art Nouveau (John Vivier) later joining the group as their drummer. Before performing publicly, the Feederz issued a press release which the local media mistook as a terrorist communique. At their first show, Frank Discussion caused a panic by firing blanks from an AR-15 assault rifle into the audience. In 1980, the band released their first recording, a 4-song EP Jesus.
In 1982, Frank Discussion wrote "Bored With School", a diatribe against school and work posing as an announcement from the Arizona Department of Education, and distributed five thousand copies to local high schools. He fled Arizona to escape arrest for this incident and settled in San Francisco.
In 1984, Discussion reformed the Feederz with Mark Roderick and D.H. Peligro, with whom he recorded Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?. In Situationist style, the album sleeve was covered in sandpaper. In 1986, Teachers In Space was released with Jayed Scotti replacing Peligro on drums. Drummer Jayed Scotti was art partners with Winston Smith and created album art for bands such as the Dead Kennedys, MDC, and Crucifucks. The cover of Teachers in Space featured a photo of the Challenger disaster. Later in the decade, Discussion again disbanded the Feederz.
They reformed in 2002 and released Vandalism: Beautiful as a Rock in a Cop's Face. This lineup included Ben Wah on drums and Denmark Vesey playing bass, both from Seattle. They toured throughout 2003.
Rumors persist that Frank Discussion now spends much of his time in Southern Mexico, moving among the EZLN (Zapatistas) and the Oaxacan based APPO who are in open revolt against the Mexican government. He has been expanding on the discipline of antistasiology (the study of resistance), an area of study he helped develop in the early 2000s. Mr. Discussion is also thought to be working on a movie entitled "Amor y Saqueo" (Love and Looting) which he describes as a "charming tale of a young girl who finds happiness through wholesale destruction, theft, sabotage and, of course, looting." It is unknown whether the film will be shot in the United States, Mexico or both.
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