Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is my favorite record from Sugar Shack, it's great punk inspired garage. I don't believe their still around, info was hard to find. Fill me in! All of their records are worth getting. Most of their recorded material was released on the great Estrus record label. I'll put a link for estrus at the bottom. enjoy! Pursuing garage rock with the attack of a punk band, Sugar Shack first appeared in 1992 with their independently released Charmer. The Houston-based band prides itself on being part of the trash rock circuit that thrives in the South, releasing three albums since their debut and touring extensively. The band is made up of singer Mark Lockridge, guitarists Andy Wright and Kyle Otis, bassist Johnny Gibson, and drummer Stefanie Paige Friedman. ~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide
REFERENCES - ALL MUSIC.COM http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=11:wpfexqy5ld6e ESTRUS RECORDS http://www.estrus.com/


Weird Mustard said...

I'm looking for "Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time", could you post it? Sugar Shack are not active much anymore, but they just played a reunion show in Austin commemorating the 15th anniversary of Sweatbox Studios (the legendary studio where a good portion of their records were recorded) about 3 weeks ago. It was a great show!


I have it, but I have to record it from vinyl. I'll see what I can do, stay tuned.Thanks for the comment, I'll bet their a great live band.

Weird Mustard said...

Don't worry about it... I'll find it eventually. Yeah, the show was great. Since it was the Sweatbox Anniversary show, they only played songs that they originally recorded at Sweatbox, which included a bunch of songs from "Get Out Of My World". It was cool. Great blog by the way. Keep it up!

Jay said...

"Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time" (CD rip) and the "You Don't Mean Shit To Me" single (vinyl rip) available here for a limited time:


Weird Mustard said...

Thanks Jay! I really appreciate it!