Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Keys (The Keys Album)

 a repost, by request, originally posted 8/20/09, new rips and scans.
   The Keys Album is a true Powerpop classic; unfortunately, it has really bad production. It's thin sounding and tinny with very little bottom end, (check out You tube and you'll see what I mean). I don't usually like to eq records but this one was begging for it. Hopefully, I made it sound a little better, I tried. Songs like I don't wanna cry and, If it's not too much, are practically flawless examples of Powerpop at it's best. The Keys formed in London around 1979.They were, Drew Barfield, and Steve Tatler who played in a previous band together called John Doe. Ben Grove who played guitar for The Banned, and later the Retros, and ex-Wings drummer Geoff Britton who also later did a stint with Manfred Mans Earth Band. They were signed to A&M records and released the U.K. only LP “The Keys Album”. It was produced by Joe Jackson and drew rave reviews, but unfortunately it didn't sell very well. Besides the album, They also had six singles to their credit. Sadly due to a lack of interest The Keys split in 1983.

Line Up -

Ben Grove - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Tatler - Vocals, Guitar
Drew Barfield - Vocals, Bass
Geoff Britton - Drums

A&M Records 1981

♫♫♫...I Got You Figured Out...♫♫♫


Anonymous said...

Steve Tatler form the Keys

Glad you like the music.

Thanks for your support

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Steve love the record.

Crispulo said...

Please post the singles

i.e. : just a camera & RUNAWAY (my favourite song !!!)

Frank Miller said...

Hi I think I might have the just a camera single, but I'm sure I don't have the other one, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Keys Re Union Gig
This Sunday 25th Sep at Tulse Hill Tavern Tulse hill London 9.00

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the info, Shame I'm not close enough to go see them. I'm sure it will be a fun show!

Form DK said...

Wow. This is quite the album. Your EQing was great, too. :D

Frank Miller said...

Thanks DK. It's a tough one; I tried not to over do it.

Form DK said...

I was thinking about picking up their numerous singles. Are they worth it?

Frank Miller said...

Sorry for the how long its taken me to respond. All of they're records are certainly worth owning; they were a great band!