Wednesday, January 6, 2010


What a release by Sacramento's FM Knives. Useless And Modern is a great 77 style punk rock blast in the vein of the Boys or maybe early Buzzcocks that will have you pogoing in no time. I wish I could find more info on these guys. There's a bunch of sites out there that basically say nothing. From what I found it appears this may be their only lp, (what a pity). Mine appears to be a reissue. I found a site that said this came out first on a label called Moo-La-La Records in 2002. They also have 2 other singles. FM Knives were comprised of former members of Sacramento punk bands such as Los Huevos, Nar, Karate Party, and the Pretty Girls. Know something?? Please feel free to share.




topper said...

Thanks for the FM Knives........searched the web for it some time ago, and it was worth it

rockatansky said...

hey thanks a lot for your posting! Chris Woodhouse is the key man of this band. he played lots of punk band based on sacramento and then he well known as a engineer and producer of A Frames. his another band Karate Party sounds like Gang Of Four type post punk and also released only 1 album but this is a stunning record. i realized most of the idea of A Frames took from Karate Party. he did other bands like Hospitals, Coachwhips and Thee Oh Sees recently. some people says he is "punk guru" and i think it's right. he knows what punk music is.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for all the info !

Anonymous said...

I would not go so far to say Woodhouse was the key to this band. they all contributed in a way as evidenced by the fact they sound nothing like any band he has been in before of after.