Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is another record that I was meaning to post from my vinyl for some time and low and behold, this little baby comes along. I'm glad I waited Thanks Mark!!!. I'm sure by now most of you know how great the gears were, Baby Runaround and Trudie Trudie remain a couple of my favorite punk tunes. But maybe you may have not known that Axxel G Reese and Dave Drive formed the D.I.s. If you like the Gears I'm sure your gonna like the D.I.s as well. Sound wise their similar, maybe more a little more polished. Do yourself a favore and click on over to Hepcat Records to pick this Gem up!!! while you can!! The Gears were formed in 1978, the heyday of Los Angeles punk, when two childhood buddies from the Glassell Park neighborhood of LA - singer Axxel G. Reese and drummer Dave Drive - joined forces. They created the "punk surfabilly" sound after seeing the early Hollywood punk bands while being influenced by other SoCal cultures. The band's recorded tour de force was the live album "Rockin' at Ground Zero." Shortly after this epic live recording in 1982, the Gears' guitarist Kidd Spike angrily smashed his ax to smithereens mid-set at the Starwood and the Gears were done. Out if the ashes of The Gears, vocalist Reese and drummer Drive launched a new band called The D.I.s (Drill Instructors).

Preserving The Gears' punkabilly influence, the D.I.s moved on to a broader definition of roots music. Many of Los Angeles' best-known punk denizens were D.I.s at various times - Jimmy Reed (Levi Dexter & the Ripchords), Matt Lee (Ray Campi's Rockabilly Rebels), Mike "Shaky" Wilcox (The Rockats), Thadius T. Baker, Patrick "Frenchie" French (The Joneses), "Venice George" Chavlez, Ron Emory (TSOL) and Jonny Ray Bartel (The Red Devils and The Knitters).
Although the D.I.s soldiered on through 1992, they left only one recording in their wake - the five-track 12" EP "Lock & Load," produced by X's Billy Zoom.


Private somewhere said...

Hey Son !
tout d'abord un grand bravo à toi pour les posts que tu proposes, toujours très classe !
je me permets de te donner le lien d'un groupe meconnu des années 90. Un groupe français produit par Lucas Trouble (Vietnam veterans) pour le label Nova Express, j'espère que tu apprécieras.
C'est leur 2nd album, je sais qu'il existe un premier LP ainsi qu'un 45 tours, mais ils sont jusqu'ici, introuvables...!
la chasse est donc ouverte. J'ai ajouté à l'archive les covers.
Bien à toi
bonne année



Hi Jim
Thanks for your comment. I cant download the file you sent me. Rapidshare sucks. If your not a member they really jerk you off.I'll try again later. I'm glad you enjoy the site.
Take care Frank

topper said...

Thanks for the gears.........good album


Thanks for the comments Topper, glad you liked them.