Monday, January 11, 2010


New Age is one of those songs that embeds in your brain and never lets go. Classic punk track. I must admit I never heard the LP, if anyone has it I wouldn't mind hearing it. This excerpt is from the Straps Myspace . The STRAPS were formed in a south London squat in Battersea, in 1977,where i first met Dave Reeves our founder member in his school uniform, also present at that first meeting was the late Green the straps first bass player,whos life was cut short by an overdose of our kids worst enemy Heroin. Brad Day and Steve Macintosh completed the lineup that dark winters evening. The singer Howard was late yet again and they needed a replacement fast ,thats when the asked me to take possesion of the micraphone,i pissed myself laughing of course ,however some 28 years later im still hooked and completly dedicated as a singer song writer.the STRAPS have had their share of rearanged line ups including,Stan Stammers and luke Rendal from theatre of Hate, but by far the most successful crew were JOCK, DAVE,JIM WALKER the former PIL drummer,JOHN WERNER previously of the edge and SIMON WERNER his brother who played with DOA for a while in their native Canada. they released two singles Just Cant Take Anymore and Brixton , then followed an album before the split ,when Jock went on to record with Jah Wobble and Rat Scabies featuring as Bartok,when they recorded a 12" single called insanity. then after a brief spell acting Jock formed Freakshow with Paul Cunningham who is a well respected session guitarist now.And now after a 12 year break The STRAPS came back with a bang and sounding better than ever with 3 new boys STU PHILIPS ,MARK HOBBS and LloYD DUDLEY,and have already played 2 Wasted festivals and Rebellion 2007, along with some other high profile London gigs, notably the Astoria with the Rezzilos .The band have completed their first album in over 20 years . They released a special edition for Rebellion 2007 and have yet to release the full new cd. Also released was The punk collection on captain oi records 2006.The band are very disolusioned with the lack of interest from record companies and decided to call it a day once again.Dave Reeves has now joined Skinhead band Code One, while Jock Strap is currently putting a new outfit together down in Cornwall called Nit Lotion.


topper said...

Can't remember i ever heard this

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No problem Topper I think this record is pretty underated like so many.Thanks