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What we have here is the classic Punk two sider and third single from Londons The Nips. I don't believe this version ever had a picture sleeve. This info is from Wikipedia Formed in London in 1976 by female punk artist Shanne Bradley and are notable as Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan's first musical group.Initially consisting of vocalist/songwriter Shane MacGowan (known at the time as 'Shane O'Hooligan'), bassist/songwriter/original punk artist Shanne Bradley, guitarist/artist Roger Towndrow and drummer Arcane Vendetta; The Nipple Erectors performed their first gig at The Roxy Club Covent Garden. London in 1977. The band later released four singles and there was one bootleg live album between 1978 and 1981.Initially inspired by the The Stooges, The Nipple Erectors incorporated elements of rockabilly and 60's garage punk into their music.
Following the release of their first single, "King of the Bop"/"Nervous Wreck", in June 1978, on Soho Records. The band renamed themselves The Nips and released the garage punk classic "All The Time in the World"/"Private Eye". By May 1979 the bands line up had changed to include Gavin "Fritz" Douglas, on guitar. The Power pop anthem, "Gabrielle" was released in November 1979, first on Soho Records, and then reissued on Chiswick Records. with John (Grinny ) Grinton (ex Skrewdriver) on drums. By the time of its release, Grinny had been replaced by Roger Travis Williams. Gavin Douglas' guitar playing on this record marked a change in the bands sound to a more melodic style. A live album, Only the End of the Beginning was released on Soho Records in 1980, from a recording made whilst on tour with the Purple Hearts. Two other live bootlegs have recently appeared, Live at The 101 Club and Live at the Hope and Anchor both recorded in late 1979.
In 1980 The Nips recorded a demo for Polydor Records at their studio in Bond Street. It was produced by Paul Weller. There were four songs recorded for this session, including "Happy Song" "Nobody to Love", "Ghost Town" and "Love To Make You Cry". The Line up for this recording was, Shane MacGowan-Vocals, Shanne Bradley-Bass, Gavin Douglas-Guitar and Mark Harrison (ex Bernie Tormé)-Drums. "Happy Song"/"Nobody to Love" was released as a single in October 1981, on Test Pressing Records. The Nips announced to the press that they were quitting after a last gig at London's Covent Garden Rock Garden on March 10, 1980. MacGowan and Bradley did reform the band later that year, albeit briefly. The line up included James Fearnley on guitar and Jon Moss on drums. This line up played a final gig at London's Music Machine with The Jam in December 1980. In 1981 Jon Moss joined up with Boy George to form Culture Club
During 1981 Bradley took the band in another direction away from the traditional rock band format to incorporate Greek,Cretan and Irish Roots /Folk music. The popular Irish folk and America folk song "Poor Paddy Works on the Railway" had previously formed part of their early live set with Guitarist Roger Towndrow. This line up included Macgowan and Bradley plus John Hasler (ex Madness) on standup snare drum and Scots/Irish Folk Fiddler David Rattray.Later that year Bradley decided to have a break from music. Shane Macgowan and John Hasler went on to play in Pogue Mahone, later shortened to The Pogues. In 1984 Shanne Bradley cofounded The Men They Couldn't Hang to play "The Alternative Country and Western Festival" on March 1984 at The Electric Ballroom in Camden, London
In 1987 Big Beat released a compilation on LP named Bops, Babes, Booze and Bovver which later released on CD as The Nips 'n' Nipple Erectors. It is a collection of both sides of the first three singles by the Nipple Erectors/Nips, as well as adding four outtakes: "So Pissed Off" and "Stavordale Rd, N5" (first issued on LP in 1987), and "Venus in Bother Boots" and "Fuss & Bother".
On 6 May 2008, The Nipple Erectors reformed, playing a somewhat secret gig at the 100 Club, Oxford Street, London. The line-up consisted of Shanne Bradley, Shane MacGowan, Eric Le Baton, and Fritz Douglas. Shanne's daughter Eucalypta sang backing vocals on the final number 'Gabrielle'.


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