Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Next to the Drop Out LP, this is probably my favorite Barracudas disc. I know this is one of their later releases however, these songs were recorded much earlier. She Knows was from 1981. I must admit I'm not a huge surf fan, I liked their more Garage/ Mod, darker edged stuff.
The Barracudas formed some time around 1978. Jeremy Gluck was a Canadian who lived in London, he met Robin Wills, and started a band called R.A.F. but it didn't take long before they changed their name to The Barracudas.The original line-up was: Jeremy Gluck (vocals), Robin Wills (guitar & vocals), David Buckley (bass & vocals) and Nick Turner (drums). When record companies didn't seem to be interested the band released a D.I.Y. single I Want My Woody Back. It was a minor hit and band was soon signed to Zonophone.They recorded a number of Surfy type singles and the great LP Drop Out With The Barracudas. Some time After the LP Nick Turner left to join The Lords Of The New Church, and David Buckley left the band as well. They were replaced by Jim Dickson and Graham Potter. Chris Wilson joined the band in 1982. Two LP's; Meantime and Endeavour to Preserve, were released in France only between 1983 and 84. Graham Potter left the band and was replaced by Mark Sheppard. In 1985 the band disbanded due to frustration over the lack of a record deal, little funds, and few gigs. They reformed in 1989 with line-up: Jeremy Gluck (lead vocals), Robin Wills (guitar), Steve Robinson (bass) and Jay Posner (drums). This line-up released the Wait for Everything LP and hung around for two years. After Wait for Everything it became clear that they had neither the money nor opportunity to really keep going and, after some demos and so on, decided to just let things end. they played their last show in Madrid in spring of 1993.
1. Hear Me Calling
2. She Knows


psycho said...

many thanks for all your great stuff. any chance of having on the dog meat label the imperial dogs lp
unchained maladies looking hard for this many thanks for your time


Thanks for the comment Psycho, I cant help you on the LP, sorry.

planckzoo said...

Psycho, if you read this, drop me a line, I have unchained maladies, if you still need to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Planckzoo, if somehow you'll read this post and if you still have "Unchained Maladies", please, drop me a line. I realy want to hear it, but everething i've found it's just two tracks from LP.