Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This classic was the only release from The School Meals. They formed in 1977 around the Leamington Spa area of England, and put this out in 1978. Only 500 were pressed, after an injunction from a theatre group who also calling themselves, the School Meals, a writ was served forbidding the use of the the name School Meals until the case could be settled in court. Amongst the legal verbiage in the writ were the words "School Meals who shall henceforth be known as the defendants". So they got out our crayons and hurriedly created a new logo, printed up a load of Defendants stickers and set about obscuring the original artwork on the remaining 350 singles. I actually have 1 of each version of this one but, this copy is in better shape so I used this one. The band carried on into the 80's and eventually became a three piece, before packing it in sometime around 1982. I found a great site with tons of great information, pictures, and sounds, which appears to have been put together by their Drummer Dick Burrows. Go check it out HERE .
1. Headmaster
2. Such A Spiv

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