Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here's another stumper, New Haven Connecticut's October Days. I found little in the way of information on this band. Both sides of this are great. West Coast has a California Surf Punk feel to it, while Don't give yourself away is definitely darker sounding, At any rate if you know anything about these guys, please feel free to share it with us.
Clutch Records 1981
1. West Coast
2. Don't Give Yourself Away


Brushback said...

Great band, great record. Released a 12" EP after this single, called "Do The Right Thing". Eventually moved to the west coast, I believe. One of the guys in the band might be a published author now and lives in Oregon, I kinda forget/get mixed up on the details.


Thanks for the info and the comment man. I read about the author thing,but I wasn't sure if it was true so I left it alone.
Thanks again

groseth said...

I went to college with guitar player, Blake Nelson, while this band was active @1980-82 at Wesleyan U in CT. The other members were Central CT locals. Blake was from Oregon and IS a published author, mostly children's books I think. They were great and I think this single and the EP are their entire recorded legacy though they had more songs. Great memories!

dynamo said...

Did an amazing cover of Immigrant Song the one time I saw them. Just sang the backing vocals, no lead. Genius.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this band play in college at Wesleyan. Someone told me they were famous because they had released a record. I remember the Rickenbacker guitar sounded oh so cool!