Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Quick (In Tune With Our Times Single)

The Quick were a Los Angeles five piece that formed around 1975. They had one lp titled : Mondo Deco, on Mercury Records, in 1977, and a couple of limited-edition fan club releases. This single is a reissue of In Tune With Our Times disc, (minus Over The Rainbow). I think they only released a couple hundred originally. The band found little commercial success, and broke up in 1978. There's a couple of great reads HERE and HERE with some great band info. Besides the many Dickies connections, members later went on to be with bands such as ; Great Buildings The Rembrandts, and Three O'Clock. You can pick this record up HERE !!!! Get it while you can.
Bacchus Archives 2005 ??? (I'm not really sure when this came out)
1. Pretty Please
2. You Yeah You
3. Jimmy Too Bad

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