Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Showbiz Kids (She Goes To Fino's Single)

I couldn't find a whole lot of info on The Showbiz Kids. Here's a few things I came across, I have no way of knowing if there true. The Showbiz Kids were a former band of OLGA (Michael Algar) of Toy Dolls fame. He wrote She Goes To Finos, (which by the way was a night club in their home town of Sunderland England) he is not listed as a band member. The band was around from 1976 to 1981, and named themselves after the Steely Dan song ?I read that Robert Coyle, changed his name from Robert Kent, and then gave the name to the bands drummer. He again changed his name to Robert kane and did time with The Animals, and Dr Feelgood. I couldn't find any thing on Pat Mcmahon, or Phil Hyslop, so if you have any info on the band I'm curious. Both songs are great Pop influenced Punk, Enjoy !!!
Top Secret Records 1980
1. She Goes To Finos
2. I Don't Want To Discuss That


GraemeSTL said...

Frank, The Showbiz Kids were a club rock band from Sunderland in the late '70s. I saw them as an underage kid at our local working men's club. They were pretty good, sorta new-wave pop. Olga was in the first incarnation and indeed wrote 'Finos' but then he left to form the Toy Dolls as he wanted to play more of his own irreverent songs and front a band. Shortly after this the Showbiz Kids recorded and released Finos which is why he's not on the sleeve.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the info Graeme,that clears things up a bit.

elgallopunky said...

if you try to download this it appears the Really 3rds not Olga
great blog anyway

Frank Miller said...

fixed, thanks for the heads up.

elgallopunky said...

thanx again, Master

Geoff b said...

Showbiz kids were rob coyle ,bob Kent, pat McMahon and a guy from shields called phil , olga toy dolls fame was in the band for a while Inbetween his straw dogs toy dolls stage, the showbiz kids drummer bob Kent joined olga in toy dolls he was known as happy bob and played on the dig that groove LP and Nellie the single . Pat McMahon and bob still play around the pubs under the name blue diamond , all facts correct, I was their roadie and sound engineer

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for commenting Geoff, I really appreciate the info.