Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cyanide (Your Old Man Single)

I recorded this straight through my computer, my speakers are small so it's hard to tell how it sounds. Please let me know if it sounds bad, I'll switch back to my cd recorder.
Cyanide were from York, they formed sometime in the early 70's, and lasted till around 1979. In all they release three great singles,(this one being the last) and one LP(all worth owning). I think Fireball is the A side, but really there both a sides, so I'm following the sleeve. After the band ended, members went on to form groups such as; The Pullovers, DV & The Clients, and Maineeaxe. I was surprised that there wasn't more info on these guys.
Pinnacle Records 1979
1. Your Old Man
2. Fireball


roberto said...

Thanks for this classic single,the rip is very good in my opinion(anyway better than mine...)

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Roberto,I guess I'll try another one with the computer.