Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Last Ones (Number One Again EP)

The Last Ones were from Boston, they released this Ep as well as two full lengths: Purgatory Cove, and Don't Follow Me . Band members were: Rick Coraccio, (Guitars, and Vocals) who was in bands such as: DMZ, The Boize, pre Real Kids,The Lyers, and The Shambles. Ricky Carmel, (Guitars, and Vocals) also in The Lyers, Danny Dell'Ano, played guitar on Much too much, as well as both Lp's, Dean Carmel, who I couldn't find anything about, a relation to Ricky perhaps? (Bass) and Richie Johnson, (Drums) who was in bands such as: The Knobs, Mark Thor, The Boize, and Baby's Arm. Paul Murphy, played drums on Much too much, as well as both Lp's, Paul was also in: DMZ, The Lyers, and The Shambles.
Star Rhythm Records 1983
1. Number One Again
2. Bit Of You
3. Waiting For You
4. Much Too Much


Pep Sonic said...

Superb EP. Really fantastic. Thank you very much!!!

Cositronico said...

I love this post. Thankx a lot.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comments, glad you like it.

datapanik said...

Yes really fantastic but what about the 2 albums. Do you know a way to find them, listen to them or whatever...

Thx again

Frank Miller said...

I don't have them, I don't think they would be to hard to find though, if you look around. Thanks for the comment.

Unknown said...

Dean Carmel was Ricky's brother. Ricky Carmel was my first friend when I moved to the Boston area in 1984. I used to jam with Ricky and Dean at the Cambridge Music Complex back then.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks For The Comment.