Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Joysticks (What More Can I Do SIngle)

I'm pretty sure The Joysticks were from Australia. Members: Steve Agar, (Guitar) and Bill Leggett, (Vocals) may have previously been in a early 80's Melbourne band, The Shindiggers, I couldn't find anything on Mike Cronin, (Bass) or Grant Cleland (Drums) anyone ??
Rampant Releases 1987
1. What More Can I Do
2. Without My Say


Ron said...

Yes Bill and Steve were from the Shindiggers but the drummer was actually Rod the Boss McMurrich who became a Shindigger later. It was a power pop song that they recorded for fun when the Shindiggers were having a fight and not talking to each other.

bristolboy said...

I think you are both right about the 2 drummers being in the Joysticks (Melbourne band)

It seems Mike Cronin & Grant Cleland
were only in this band but

Rod McMurrick AKA Rodney Modney was also in END RESULT (83-84); GAS BABIES (85);LSD (85) ; JOYSTICKS ; FUNHOUSE(?)& SUNSET STRIP 89

Steve Agar
was in shindiggers (85) ; LSD (85) ; JOYSTICKS (86); FORBIDDEN PLANET (90)

Bill Leggett AKA Bill Sax
was in shindiggers (85) ; LSD (85); joysticks (87)

other shindiggers were Peter Andrews (guitar)& Spud Wildman AKA Steve Andrews (drums)

Frank Miller said...

Excellent,I thought so, thanks for all the info guys, did they have any other records?

bristolboy said...

I think this was their only release

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Bruce, I thought so.

Matt Davis said...

The settled Joysticks line up (1988 to 1989) consisted of Bill Leggett (Vocals), Steve Agar (Lead Guitar, Matt Davis (Bass), Scott (Rhythm Guitar) and the legendary Kaos on Drums. Two significant recordings of six songs failed to get officially released but live on, salvaged from ageing tapes as mp3s. During this time the Joysticks were very active around Melbourne with gigs at the Prince of Wales, Palace, Old Greek Theatre, Tote and more.

Frank Miller said...

Hi Matt, thanks for the info.