Sunday, April 3, 2011

454 (OK Let's Rock Single)

Named after the Palisades telephone prefix, 454 were a great three piece from Pacific Palisades, California. They were around from 1978 to 1981; and during that time, they released this, their only single. Band members were: Peter Burg,(Vocals, and Guitar) Chris Judge,(Vocals, and Bass) and Larry Goldberg,(Vocals, and Drums). I found THIS PAGE , from Peter Burg, that has detailed band information, as well as Links to new music he has for sale.

Rave Records 1980

1. OK Let's Rock
2. Can't Keep Away



psycho said...

hello there i'm trying to check this out. looks interesting i click the link and it seems to go
only so far and stops downloading. never had this problem before. by the way your site is one of the best, keep up the good work.

Frank Miller said...

I'm not sure why your having trouble. I just tried it, and it downloaded all the way through. Maybe Megaupload was acting up; give it another try. Thanks for the compliment.