Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NewToys (Say It LP)

A while back I posted a single from Buffalo N.Y.'s The Toys. Some time around 1982, they changed their name to the Newtoys, released this classic LP, and relocated to Staten Island until they called it quits in 1984. You can check out their single HERE, along with more detailed information on the band. Unfortunately, the links I had on the post appear to be broken. I did find this PAGE on Kevin K though.

Mark/Playtime Records 1982



Bryan said...

In February of 2010, Glorify The Turd posted the Say It album and not only does it not have any of the tracks you posted on it, it sounds like a completely different band.

Frank Miller said...

I wasn't familiar with that one, I checked my file, and it seems ok.

George said...

Ahem.. welcome back. dig this one.. never heard it before.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks George

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for this one. I have been trying to buy it on ebay for years but never won the bets!

Frank Miller said...

No problem Phil,Enjoy!