Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holme (Just A Matter Of Time EP)

I have a few EP's,and LP's I plan on posting in the near future. I'm only going to pick a few songs from each one. If you like what you hear, they shouldn't be overly expensive, or too hard to find. Let's start with Belmar, New Jersey's Holme. They got their start in the 70's, and are still active to present day. I Found THIS website, if you would like to check them out. For me, the song Weekend is the stand out track here; its a great powerpop tune with a cool New Wave edge to it. Other than this, they had a single in 1978 titled "Feel This Record" on Thin Ice Records. I don't remember seeing any other records from these guys; but that doesn't mean anything. The Line up on this record was: Kip Conner, (Bass, and Lead Vocals) Billy Coleman, (Guitar, and Vocals) Dan Gralick, (Keyboards, and Vocals) Joel Krauss, (Guitar, and Vocals) and Frank Sementa (Drums).

Drive Records 1982



Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this one up. I never knew they issued anything besides "The Garden State Parkway Boogie". Any chance of posting that one?

Frank Miller said...

Sorry I don't have that one, maybe someone else has it?? Thanks for the comment.

bristolboy said...

I have a 45 by Holme from 1981 "Just A matter Of Time" that has "Weekend" as the b-side (also on Thin Ice)- it's available to hear/download at the website you linked to.
BTW -"Garden state parkway boogie" is also available to download at the website

bristolboy said...

Actually, just pulled the record out & it appears to be a double A side!!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Bruce, is it the same version?

Tom Sporrer said...

Can you please repost this download? Thanks!!!