Monday, November 7, 2011

Ambush (Pleasing Peace Of Mind Single)

Ambush were a four piece, that appear to have been from Indiana. This was recorded at Home Grown Studios, in Bloomington; so who knows. I found zilch in the way of info; except a couple of LPs that I don't believe are the same band. The winner here (for my money) is the flip side, "Tell Me"; it's a great slice of fuzzed out Powerpop, but the A side is descent as well . If anyone would like to shed some light on this mystery band, don't be shy.

Line Up:

Bruce Taylor - Guitar, Vocals
Dan Conway - Guitar, Vocals
Margaret Taylor - Bass, Vocals
Tom Evans - Drums, Vocals

Self Released 1981

1. Pleasing Peace Of Mind
2. Tell Me



bristolboy said...

Great sloppy Bass on Tell Me!!

Frank Miller said...

It’s real easy to hear, they put the bass right up to the front, I like the fuzzy guitar. Thanks for the comment Bruce.