Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Front Lines (Where Do We Go From Here? Ep)

Per request, this is a re-post from 3/3/10 with new rips, and scans: once again, sorry it took so long.
     The Front Lines were a four piece from Evanston, Ill. The band formed around 1979, and lasted through 1983. This Page has a history of the band, it's members; and MP3's of most if not all of  the their recordings. If your a fan of the Front Lines it's a must.


Phil Rothman - Vocals, Guitar
Kier Strejcek - Guitars
Kevin Bowie - Bass
Steve Jarvis - Drums

 Practical Records 1980

1. Night Napalm
2. Dying In Fiction
3. Voice Of America
4. Lips Are Sealed

***The Front Lines***

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