Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jimmy Vigtone (I Like It / When The Radio's On Single)

By request here's a re-post from 9/21/11, with new rips, and scans.
   Boston's Jimmy Vigtone released this, their only single in 1982. It's the result of songs recorded while Jimmy was working in a recording studio. There was a band to back the record called the Vigtones that were around for a short time; but parted ways due to musical differences. After the Vigtones, Jimmy went on to The Clicks. Unfortunately, My copy's sleeve has seen better days, but at least you get to hear it.

LineUp -

Jimmy Vigtone - Guitars, Bass, and Lead Vocals
D'Jango Buzzwad - Farfisa Organ, Tamberine, and backing Vocals
Tom Bull - Drums

Alpha Media Records 1982

1. I Like It
2. When The Radio's On

***Jimmy Vigtone***


Woody said...

A fantastic single unknown to me. Thank you very much for the effort to share.

Frank said...

Your welcome, glad you like the record. Thanks for the comment!

dontswin said...

I have access to this record autographed by Jimmy himself. Its Mint condition, never been played, is it worth anything?

Does anyone know?
Thanks, I will check back here often.

Frank Miller said...

I would say it's probably worth between $30.00 and $40.00.

Unknown said...

What about Kevin Soares Stickel???