Monday, September 24, 2012

Critical Mass (It's What's Inside That Counts Lp)

Per request another re-post from 7/29/09 New Rip.
   I'm guessing most kbd, punk type's probably don't like this record compared to the Silver Screen Single,(which in my opinion sounds allot like the Sex Pistols). While I agree this Lp sounds different than the single; if your willing to give it a chance, I think it's a memorable record. Musically it reminds me of a cross between Cheap Trick, and the Carpettes. Critical Mass were a Miami Florida four piece that formed around 1974. As far as releases go, (to my knowledge) they had one single, and this full length. The single was released in 1978 (mentioned above) of which 200 copies were pressed, and has been recently reissued. After numerous lineup changes, (Mick Fazz being the only constant) the band Signed to MCA records and released this Lp; it was recorded at Chris Squires (YES) studio in London England. For some reason, a year or so later, the band ends, Mick moves to Orlando, and resurrects Critical Mass with a new line up. Surviving more line up changes, the band remained there till their end in 1993. I found evidence of a reunion 1n 1997, and a song from as recently as 2007; so for all I know these guys may still be at it in some form? Here's a myspace page I found.

Line Up-

Mick Fazz - Vocals, and Guitar
David Owen - Guitar
Henri Laplume - Bass
Michael Barone - Drums

MCA Records 1980

♫♪♫♪ Critical Mass ♪♫♪♫


Erik LAMF said...

I actually came across this record recently rather randomly. I was intrigued by it and did a summary Google search to see how others described it. Their Discogs page lists them as "Alternative Rock/Third-Wave Ska" or something ridiculous like that.

All in all I really like this record. It's odd that it seems to be so obscure.

Keep up the good work.


Frank said...

Descriptions can be pretty subjective. There's a few peoples opinions I trust, but for the most part I like to judge for myself. Glad you like the record; thanks for the comment.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

I first heard this album as a "Midnight Feature Album" on 98 Rock in Baltimore in 79 or 80. Immediately bought it and during the course of years lost it. I love the energy on this record. You are the man!

Frank said...

Glad I could help you out; thanks for the comment.