Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Headaches (Power For Passion Single)

 Per Request, Re-posted with New Rips, And Scans, Originally Posted 2/26/11.
   The Headaches were a Chicago Four piece, that formed in 1979.  This was their only single, 500 of these were pressed, three hundred came with silk screened picture sleeves. Sometime around 1982, due to many of the usual reasons, the Headaches called it a day. They reformed in the 90's and released an LP titled, "Cavities From Candyland" which you can still pick up from The band for $10.00. Here's A Site where you can find it, as well as a history on the band. Eddy Ulm, also spends his time in a band called The Desperate Club, you can Check Them Out Here!

Line Up -

Tim Edwards - Guitar, Vocals
Johnny Gomez - Drums
Gary Panosian - Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Ulm - Vocals, Bass

Rocket 88 Music 1981

1. Power for Passion
2. Teenage Sex

♪♪♪ Power For Passion ♪♪♪


styreneboy said...

Great record... Were Generation X on vacation in Chicago by any chance?

Frank said...

Not sure, but they definitely wore their influences with pride. Thanks for the comment!