Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marbles (Red Light Single)

(per request, repost from 8/21/2011)
   The Marbles were a N.Y.C four piece; that formed in 1974 by brothers: Howard, (Guitars, and Vocals) and David Bowler, (Drums); Jim Clifford, (Bass) and the late Eric Li, (Keyboards) rounded out the Lineup. This was their first of two singles before they ended the band in 1979. I believe this was the third release on the late Terry Ork's, short lived Ork Records Label. The Marbles also appeared in Amos Poe's 1976 film, "Blank Generation". There were several tracks recorded for a CBGB'S comp that went unreleased. There's more to the Marbles story; if you would like to check them out, The Mod Pop Punk Archives, has a Pix's and Bio page you can find HERE. Unfortunately, my copy has some weird pressing flaw. Although the vinyl looks mint, there's a ton of groove noise.

Ork Records 1976

1. Red Lights
2. Fire and Smoke

♪♪♪ (He's Got) Red Lights In His Eyes ♪♪♪


evr said...

Thanks for re-upping this!

Frank Miller said...

No problem, your welcome.

YankeeBoy said...

One of my favorite singles EVER! Thanks.