Sunday, November 4, 2012

Patriots - Chicaynes (Split E.P's)

(Per request, originally posted 9/25/11) Here's a split E.P., between two unlikely record mates. The Patriots, were A four piece from Philadelphia; that had a 60's sounding jangly Beatlesque edge. I think this E.P., (known as Pharaoh's Land) was their only official release. The other side is The Chicaynes, a three piece from the UK.There's not much info out there on either of these bands. I can't help but wonder how it was decided to pair these two bands together; not only are they from different countries, but the recordings appear to have been five years apart?

The Patriots were:

Carl Cutts - Guitar, and Vocals
Joseph Borrelli - Bass
John Klein - Guitar, and Vocals
Joseph Klein - Drums

The Chicaynes were:

Malcolm McDonald - Guitar, and Vocals
Alex Robertson - Bass, and Vocals
Malcolm Blair - Drums

Bam Caruso Records 1986

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