Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Madd (Are Left Behind)

(per request, repost from 2/26/09, new rip, and scans) In the 60's the CNR label released a series of nine 7 inches of Dutch beat bands called "Beat From Holland". A little more than forty years later, Stardumb Records decided to add a tenth release to that list and here it is: The Madd Are Left Behind. The Madd are a four piece from Rotterdam with two full lengths, and maybe a few singles to their credit. For the most part they do a lot of obscure 60's covers, but they do them well, and obviously have great taste in their selections . I'll leave links for their myspace, and the Interpunk website at the bottom of the post . Go check them out and pick their records up while you still can !!
Links -
Lineup -
Dr. D von Raven - Guitar, and Vocals
Richard Bouquet - Bass, and Vocals
De Schuinsmarcheerder - Organ
Slammin' Marty Graveyard - Drums, and Vocals

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