Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spelling Mistakes (Feels So Good Ep)

 (Per request, new rips and scans)  The Spelling Mistakes were a New Zealand four piece that formed in 1979 out of  the remnants of the bands, Get Smart and The Aliens, their Initial bassist, Keith Bacon, was replaced early in 1980 by Nigel Russell.
  Their first recording was Reena, which featured on one side of a single (with The Whizz Kids) on Ripper Records in early 1980. After winning a band talent quest, organised by their manager, they signed to Simon Grigg's Propeller Records label, and released this single, in June, 1980. It peaked at #29. A second single was recorded but remained unreleased for two decades as the band split in September 1980 after finding it increasingly difficult to find bookings because of the nature of their under-age following.
They reformed briefly in 1999 but parted ways for good later that year. In 2004 Feels So Good was re-recorded and featured on an Export Gold advert.
A complete, semi-official, collection of available recordings was released in 2002 as a 2-disc set under the name The Spelling Mistakes: Epileptic Apocalypse 1979 - 1999. It was nominated for 'best rock release' by bNet NZ Music Awards in 2003. If you want to read more about the band here's their Wikipedia Page.

The Band -

Warwick Fowler - Guitar
Julian Hanson - Drums, Backing Vocals
Nick Hanson - Lead Vocals
Nigel Russell - Bass Vocals, Backing Vocals

Propeller Records 1980

1. Feels So Good
2. I Hate The Spelling Mistakes
3. Hate Me, Hate Me

♫♫♫..Feels So Good..♫♫♫


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its dead!!! thanx anyways!

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