Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Tapes (Love And Lust Single)

 The Tapes are a NYC four piece that formed in 1981 and I think are still at it to present date. This was the bands first single; another single followed in 1984 with the tunes "Too Many Stars", and "Just Like In The Movies". After the murder of a band member and some other shake ups, the band reformed in 1986 as Bill Popp and the Tapes. I think this side of the sleeve is actually the back; but I prefer it out of the two sides so I figured I would use it. The tapes have a number of full lengths to their credit as well. If you would like to read more about the band you can check out their Myspace, or Bill Popp.Com.
The Band  -
Bill Popp - Keyboards, Vocals
Dan Cooper - Lead Guitar
Paul Reilly - Bass, Vocals
Steve Baltunis - Drums
Panic Records 1982
1. Love And Lust
2. Floating On A Teardrop


bristolboy said...

Liking this - Nice tunes!!

Frank said...

Cool, Thanks Bruce.