Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Times (Radio One Single)

Here's a great single from a little known three piece from Nashville, Tennessee. Unfortunately, I found very little info on these guys. I did find some live footage of the band at some place called The Exit In, from 1983. This One, will get you started; there's five or six others. As per usual, info is always appreciated.

Line up -

Frank Harwell - Guitar and Vocals
Mark Gibson - Bass and Vocals
Al Casey - Drums and Vocals

Tak Records 1982

1. I Didn't Know
2. Jet Set

♫♫♫...Searching All The Time...♫♫♫


bristolboy said...

Nice Tunes Frank (as always) but to be annoyingly picky shouldn't it read Radio One (The Times Single)

Frank said...

I see why you would say that, but I'm pretty sure I got it right. The YouTube video has them as radio 1 but the record label has them listed as The Times. I'm not sure why the video's have them listed that way. I couldn't find enough info to sway me one way or another, so I stuck with the label. Thanks for the comment Bruce.

bristolboy said...

have a look here


Frank said...

I guess at some point they must have changed their name to Radio One. The Person to Person Lp is a four piece band, with a different drummer, and a release date of five years later than this record. Actually, now that I look at it; the only place on this whole single Radio One is mentioned is on the front of the sleeve. Check out the back of the sleeve. The labels only mention the Times as well. Thanks for the link Bruce, but I'm fairly certain, (at least on this single) they were called The Times.

angel said...

very nice one, indeed!

thank you

It's always so comforting to see there are still more gems out there awaiting to be heard..

Frank said...

Thanks Angel; depending on your taste and regions your interested in, at times it almost seems endless. At least I hope it is... It would be a real drag if there was nothing left to discover or look for. I'm hoping there's at least enough to keep me going till my end?? Thanks for the comment!

angel said...

oh yeah, i been following you for a while, as I do with other blogs, and that's what amazes me, that there are still things coming out.. my interests are basically powerpop/garage/punkrock/mod 70's-80's, and about regions I prefer english speaking countries, though it's not mandatory.

and the real shame is that some people want to finish whit these blogs, without them it would be imposible to discover the bands. I just don't want to resign myself to the usual compilations, I want more!and here is when we have to thank you all the bloggers


Frank said...

Thanks Angel, glad I can help you with your musical fix! Even though I have a love/hate relationship with this blog; I'm not planning on going anywhere in the near future. Especially since I've got my file sharing problems sorted out, for the moment anyway.

TJ Sassaman said...

I like how these guys almost kinda mess with your ears timing-wise, but it's spot on!!! Sounds awesome, we should try to mess around with somethin like that!!!

Frank said...

That sounds cool, I like messing around with rhythm's and timing.