Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Windbreakers (Meet The Windbreakers Ep)

   The Windbreakers were a Jackson, Mississippi based four piece, that formed in 1981.This was their debut Ep, released on their own Big monkey Records. They released At least: five full lengths, two more Ep's and a couple of comps, before disbanding sometime in the early 2000's.

Line Up

Jeff Lewis - Guitar, Vocals
Tim Lee - Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Bobby Sutliff - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Eric Arhelger - Drums

Big Monkey Records - 1982

1. Young Republicans
2. The Girl For Me
3. That Girl
4.  Black and White


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

So very grateful to you Frank for this missing piece of the puzzle. I have posted these before: The Windbreakers - I'll Be Back EP 85 w Terminal LP 85 w Run LP 86 w At Home With Bobby And Tim LP 89 and it is also good to know that Tim from the band did this as well: Howard And Tim's PAID VACATION - I Never Met A Girl I Didn't Like EP 85. Cheers!

Frank Miller said...

My pleasure, happy to help. There's a great, primitive, garagy tune on the Howard and Tims paid vacation called "That won't make you love me"
Its a smasher and one of my favorites! Thanks for the Comment!

Beyes said...

wonderful! Thank you - and glad you are back.

Frank Miller said...

Thank You,I appreciate the comment. Thumbnails from my post's suddenly stopped showing up in others blog feeds.I used a new current blogger theme,redesigned and simplified in hopes of fixing the problem but no luck. I'm at a loss??? Its so frustrating!