Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dead Wretched ( No Hope For Anyone Ep + Convicted)

Per Request, (New Rips And Scans) originally posted 8/08/08; since it took me so long to repost this I'm including their second record as well.
Dead Wretched were a foursome from the West Midlands. They released an Ep and a single; both included here. If you'd like to read more about the band; Here's Their MySpace, Enjoy!!

Line Up-

Bill Idiot - Vocals
Mik Doyle - Bass
Bazz Harding - Guitar
Dirty Des - Drums

Tempest Records 1982

1. No Hope For The Wretched
2. Time To Die
3. No Justice
4. Recession

Tempest Records 1982

2. Infiltrator


Anonymous said...

Many Many thanks , Frank!!!! Dead Wretched are really great,better 2 Singles really good music as one LP shit!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry forget my name on the 1st comment,I'm so happy to hear Dead Wtreched!!!! Many thanks again Erika (Berlin)

Frank said...

Your welcome Erika; glad you like the records. Sorry it took me so long, I just don't have allot of extra time for this latey. Anyway, happy I could help you out; thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

loooong time since i've listened to 'Infiltrator'! great fun, somehow it fits even into 2013... or is it uk82? who f*** knows or cares...
sandra (germany too)

Anonymous said...

Love this. Check out the blog often but never stopped to chat. Got turned on by Suave.


topper said...

Thynx Frank....still going strong !!

Frank said...

Hi Dave, thanks for the comment. Sorry it's taken so long to respond to you; I've been super busy lately. Glad you like the blog.

Frank said...

Hi Topper, long time no comment...I'm glad to see your still around. Thanks and take care.

Philippe Thivillier said...

A MILLION THANKS for sharing such obscure yet great stuff.

Frank said...

Your welcome Philippe, thanks for the comment!

Per Bergman said...

Do the records include any lyrics?
If so, could you wright them down for us?

Frank Miller said...

Sorry, no Lyric sheet.