Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bobalouis (First and Second Singles)

Hope all of you are doing well, it's been a while. Sorry the blog hasn't been very active lately; it seems as though I'm apologizing for long absences every time I post something new these days. Unfortunately I just don't have much time anymore and I figure an occasional post is better than quitting all together. Anyway, moving on to the real reason your reading this drivel.....Music Right!
Here's the First and Second singles from Bobalouis; both records are catchy, infectious, Powerpop gems. They seem to have been a UK four piece from Hersham, and I don't believe they released any other records. I couldn't find anything else on them, so if anyone's interested in filling in the blanks, as always it would be most appreciated...Enjoy!

Wea Records 1980

1. Go Ahead
2. Please Please Me

♫♫♫...Life's Not An Easy Ride...♫♫♫

Wea Records 1981

1. Not A Second Chance
2. City Boys

♫♫♫...Don't Ever Say Your Sorry...♫♫♫


jeffen said...

Reminds me of The Pleasers (who remind EVERYone of....)

There's a strong Sham 69 connection here. If I've read these two pieces right, Dave Parsons was in this band early on and Neil Harris, who's on these singles, is part of the current Sham 69 line-up:



Course now BristolBoy's gonna drop-by and run circles around me...

Frank said...

Ha Ha, yeah he definitely knows his stuff. I read those as well and saw the Sham connection but both pieces really just briefly mention Bobalouis so I was hesitant to jump on it. Your right though, there's a definite Sham connection there. It's tough to find any real info on Bobalouis, I can't even find their lineup and the records tell zip? Thanks for the comment Jeffen, cool to hear from you.

zach said...

ho ho baby. this is great. and a beatles cover to boot. thanks!

Woody said...

Thank you very much for this two fantastic singles.

Frank said...

Thanks for the comments Zach and Woody; glad you like the records!

bristolboy said...

Just noticed Jeffen's remark so thought duty bound to repy. Unfortunatly I have no real nuggets of information.

Except the band seem to have been led by Chris Hodge with another member being Lickfold (3 of the songs penned by him - apparently a fairly common name in the Walton-On Thames area)

However, if you look for early pics of Neil Harris & Dave Parsons ( http://www.daveparsons69.co.uk/index-page2.html ) they do look similar to two of the members on the front of the "Not A Second Chance" Sleeve

Finally Dave Parsons does seem to insinuate in that Sham blurb that they were first named Excalibur ( http://www.daveparsons69.co.uk/index-page6.html )

Frank said...

I'm not sure about the pictures...could be? It's almost like they were vague on purpose,that's why I left it alone. Even the names aren't consistent; on the first single he's listed as Licksold and as you said the second is Lickfold. Anyway, thanks for the comment Bruce, cool to hear from you.

Philippe Thivillier said...

Great Great singles.
Thanks a bunch for sharing so generously.

Frank said...

Thanks for the comment Philippe, glad your liking the records.

Worthless Trash said...

Philip Lickfold, the Licksold credit on the first 45 was likely a typo. Another band member was Ian Careless.

zach said...

oh and Frank, i'm starting posting again. i've got a new site, cause DO THE SUICIDE got messed up for various reasons.


Frank said...

I guess it could have been a typo. I figured they were just screwing around. Thanks for the info and the comment.

Frank said...

Hi Zach, I added the new blog, good luck!

Chris Hodge said...

My name is Chris Hodge
I helped form the original band in 1977 and they were called The Krusiers.
The Band won pub entertainer of the year as the Kruisers, the band had sent out demo tapes. We were offered a contract by WEA for 2 singles and 1 Album
The tracks were recorded at Sarm Studios over 3 days.if you need further information then contact me at christopherhodge@btinternet.co.uk
The band appeared on the the ATV TV programme "GET IT TOGETHER"
in 1981ish
The Members were Phil Lickfold,Neil Harris,Mark Cane and Ian Careless.
I managed the band from the start as the Krusiers untill 1983

Frank Miller said...

Thank you for the information Chris, it's very much appreciated.

PowerPop said...

Message to christopher, the email address does not work !.

Thank you, Stefan.

Neil Harris said...

Hi there, i am neil harris and i was co founder of sham69 alongside jimmy pursey. I also was in bobalouis post sham along with mark cain from sham69. Now i am back with sham69 currently touring the world. There seems to be some confusion between myself and dave parsons, he joined sham after i left circa 1977. The current line up of sham69 has evolved over time and i am now the only original member involved in the current line up. Check out our new single 'sing when your winning' from the album their finest hour. Thanks Neil H

Frank Miller said...

Hi Neil, thanks for checking in, I'll definitely check out the new album.