Saturday, May 25, 2013

Johnny Darke (I'm Not A Believer Single)

Here's another record I couldn't find anything about. I found mention of a Gangster named John Darke. I'm guessing that's possibly where this guy took his name from. Ok here's a major stretch... I'm sure I'm completely wrong on this, but I figured since I couldn't find anything I would have a little fun and let you all beat me up a bit. The credit on both songs go to a J Mellor.....Wasn't Joe Strummer's real name John Mellor??? I listened to this 10 times and honestly, I don't think it sounds like him but if you look at the guy's face.....it's possible. I included a picture of Joe, so you can judge for yourself....What do you think?? Oh yeah sorry about the sound, my copy has some surface noise in the beginning of each song; funny thing is the record looks almost perfect.

Carrere Records 1979
1. I'm Not A Believer
2. What She Knows


Anonymous said...

Johnny Darke would also be an Anglicisation/masculinisation of Jeanne D'Arc (Joan of Arc).

bristolboy said...

The names are the same but probably not the same man.
The producers were Ray Stiles & Rob Davis (Ex Mud)

Frank said...

Hi Bruce, honestly I don't think it's him either. When I noticed a little resemblence in the picture, I thought it would be fun to put it out there and see what kind of response I get. Shake the tree a bit and see if anything falls out lol.... Thanks for the comment.

internal office signs said...

The names are the same but probably not the same man.

Anonymous said...

"Here's another record I couldn't find anything about."

Post 3 years ago on another blog. Don't take credit.

Frank said...

I'm not trying to take credit for anything. I didn't make the record and neither did you! I just enjoy it and wanted to share it with other people. If You, or someone else posted it previously,(which by the way, I wasn't aware of) that doesn't mean you or anyone has some sort of exclusive rights to it. That's like saying only the first radio station that plays a song has the right to play it. That's completely ridiculous, Get A Life!!

dave said...

For the surface noise, check out youtube videos that show how to use wood glue to clean records.

Take a record you don't mind messing up and test it.

I've watched some of the videos, and it looks pretty foolproof.

Frank said...

Hi Dave, I saw that before but I've never given it a try. Maybe I will some time. Thanks for the advice!