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This is a great single . Fucked Up comes about as close as I ever heard a band come, to sounding like Negative Approach . They have ton's of great records that you can still find at a descent price . I recommend that you pick them up , you'll be glad you did some day . I couldn't find much info on Haymaker but , their side of the record is good too . Fucked Up is a hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario. The band formed and played their first shows in early 2001. The initial practicing lineup consisted of 10,000 Marbles (Guitar), Concentration Camp (Vocals), Mustard Gas (Bass Guitar) and Chris Colohan (of Left For Dead/The Swarm fame, and was lead vocalist for now-defunct Cursed). Just prior to recording their demo tape, Concentration Camp moved to guitar and vocal duties were taken over by Pink Eyes (also known as Mr. Damian). Drums are played by Mr. Jo (also credited as G. Beat or J. Falco).
Following the release of the demo, the band embarked on a long series of 7" records. Unlike many of their contemporaries, the band shunned full length LP or CD formats, preferring to output their music two songs at a time. While some record distributors refused to carry the singles, they were generally released to broad appeal, receiving glowing reviews in many punk fanzines. The artwork and feel of the records was a tribute to the Dangerhouse Records era of punk vinyl and takes cues from the Germs GI album.
The band released the "No Pasaran" 7" in May of 2002. The record's aesthetic and philosophy was greatly influenced by anarchism and the participation of anarchists in the Spanish Civil War in particular. The cover and insert featured anarchist propaganda posters and portraits of Spanish worker and peasant columns. About this time, Fucked Up played at the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair.
The Police 7" was released on March of 2003, quickly followed by what is considered the bands' most significant recording, the Baiting the Public 7" in May of 2003. This single was in tribute to the Viennese Actionism a far left art movement during the 1960s, and the Situationist International. The record featured one song spread over two sides, and illegible liner notes, meant to shock and annoy the buyer.
Two more 7"'s followed in 2004, the Dance of Death single, and the Litany 4-song ep. The vinyl releases to this point were collected on 2004s Epics in Minutes CD. The band was the subject of a two-minute 16mm film showing its links to the Toronto hardcore scene, a local infoshop and punk radio show. Ten video copies exist of this unauthorized film.
The bands use of imagery and symbolism (notable the use of Sigils) took a decided turn after the release of Epics in Minutes, as it was followed by two obscure and limited 12"s, the Looking for Gold 12", and the live Let Likes be Cured by Likes 12". Many felt at this point the band's message became esoteric to the point of confusion, while others felt the turn towards a more convoluted approach was ultimately more rewarding. The Looking for Gold 12" contained no liner notes or credits, no song titles, and a hidden track. It was self-released by the band in 2004 in two limited runs of 300 & 400 copies and immediately became one of the most sought-after modern hardcore punk releases, selling for over $100 on internet auction sites like ebay. The title track was 17 minutes long, used 19 guitar tracks, had a three minute drum solo and contained 4 minutes of whistling, all unconventional by punk rock song-writing standards.
Following a lengthy and rumoured self-written interview in Maximum Rock and Roll, that discussed some of the bands politics and identity, many people became suspicious of the bands intentions, as they often brought up mind control and allusions to fascism and nazi mysticism. The release of a split 7" in 2004 with the band Haymaker did little to allay these concerns as it contained a picture of Hitler addressing a Hitler Youth Rally in 1938.
A public clarification followed in late 2004 after the band was attacked onstage at a concert in Toronto . Haymaker is a hardcore punk band from Hamilton, Ontario comprised of former members of Left For Dead, Chokehold, The Swarm, etc. They are well-known for extreme shows which usually end with fights and injuries. Their shows are usually closed down due to the violence, on some occasions parts of the club have been set on fire. Haymaker typically play live once every 1-2 years.

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