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The A side of this record has a mosquito's meets the choir feel to it . The B side is more along the lines of the Chesterfield Kings , or the Stones . The Royal Nonesuch (first incarnation) formed in 1982 in Tulsa Oklahoma, Jon McKinney (originally from LA., CA.) on guitar, Spike (when wearing leather or Nathan without leather, he had a split personality) on bass guitar and vocals, and on drums, Jeff Radle (who's cousin Carl Radle of Tulsa was a bassists for Clapton). This band covering the Yardbirds, Who, Small Faces (more of the mid 60's mod psychedelic genre), and Jon worked with Jeff (both avid 60's vinyl collectors), writing and arranging original material (song "Something Strange" written in this period), which was recorded later with other members.Mad Jon and Jeff were roommates in a band house together, playing all hours of the day or night, in a downtown neighborhood where many other bands had houses (including the band Black Flag). It was common for neighborhood musicians to show up and end up in the basement jamming for hours. A Friday night gathering at the house could easily last until Sunday evening.This line-up of the band played several shows at a local Tulsa punk venue along with hosting and playing many parties during the spring of 1983 under the name "The Royal Nonesuch".
The band played around the Springfield area gaining a dedicated following. With Jon (and the help of several other members) managing the band booking regular weekly gigs, one every Wednesday night (84-85) at a local blues bar called Lindburg's (Springfield's oldest tavern), and with Marshall's driving drumming style and screaming lead vocals, Bez's psychedelic crunching guitar leads, McKinney's ranting rhythm guitar, Walt's power driving bass, not to mention some stage slamming tight percussion, the Nonesuch became known for great live performances. A mid-west sixties wave from the grave, king of fuzz, psychedelic rave-up band with go go dancers, oil light shows, rave-ups with slamming guitars and flying sticks and drums, tambourines exploding into pieces on to the dance floor with girls scrambling for parts, and beer raining from the ceiling after the final rave-up at the end of a show from patrons throwing pitchers of beer up in the air to cool off. This became a regular site for the fans of the Nonesuch. Unheard of or even seen anywhere else in the area at the time. The Nonesuch played many clubs and venues in and around the area extensively, and a regular every Thursday night gig at the Regency Showcase (86-87). The band having articles written in underground 60's mags from coast to coast and overseas, all raving about the band's music, fashion, and high energy performances. The Royal Nonesuch developed the reputation of one of the best garage bands of the mid-west.
The Band has put out several EP's and 45's along with having songs on compilation albums in England, France, and Germany with other retro 60's bands. The Royal Nonesuch early releases have become collector items here in the United States and overseas. Some recently selling for fairly hefty prices. If you go to their Myspace there's an extensive history on these guy's. Go check them out .


Anonymous said...

hello i have writing such big list bands what hunt is that really much should some from that grind would you mind gradual upload?pardoning behind mine English I'm from Czech republic,so,this is list..

two tone pinks- battered and bruised CD
amber squad- arewehavinganotheroneinhereorwhat?
The Killjoys - Give Me Recognition
The Rings - 100 Club 1977
Joe Cool A The Killers- Joe Cool A The Killers (album,no single)
The Unwanted - The End Is Nigh!
Blitzkrieg Bop-Top Of The Bobs
The Cuban Heels-Work Our Way To Heaven
The Jerks-jerk off
Passion Killers-See The Whirl
Misspent Youth-The Punk Years 1976-1980
The Atrix-Procession
the plague- x-tapes 1976-1981 LP
strangeways-power pop LP
the Users -Secondary Modern 1976-1979 CD

Singly A Ep

Adrenalin-TV Violence/No Love (In The Modern World)/Don't Tell Your Parents
The Axidents-Life's Too Short'
Bullets-Girl On Page 3 / Grammar School Girls (Big Bear 1978)
Defiant-Social Climber
Fruit Eating Bears-Chevy Heavy' / 'Fifties Cowboy
Grinder-Spider Man / Furry Dice / Other People (Wax Records 1979)
Intravein-Speed Of The City
The K9's-Idi Amin / Sweeney Todd
Matt Vinyl & The Decorators- Punky Xmas
Red Letters-Sacred Voices / Shot In The Dark / Science Has The Answer
The Surprises - Jeremy Thorpe Is Innocent / Flying Attack / Little Sir Echo (Dead Dog Discs 1978)
The Addix-Too Blind To See / No Such Thing As A Bad Boy
Arctic Frost-Nothing Left/Seen a lot of People/Tight Strings
The Atrix-The Moon Is Puce/Wendy's In Amsterdam (Mulligan 1979 and produced by Phil Chevron)
Avant Gardener-Gotta turn back/Strange gurl in clothes/Back door/ Bloodclad Boogie
Belsen Horrors-Car Crash Victim/Pin-Up Boy/On The Beach/Bride Of Frankenstein/Chant/Premonition
Cane-Suburban Guerrilla / Dice/ DK Dance (Lightning 1978)
Darlex-"Terrorist/Sod The Jubilee/I Hate Work/Born To Rule
Dave Goodman & Friends-The Friendly Hopeful's Tribute To The Punks
Demolition-No Feelings/Gangrene/Living In England Today
Demon Preacher-Royal Northern / Laughing At Me / Steal Your Love / Dead End Kids (Illegal records 1977)
Demon Preacher-Action By Example / I Wish I was a Dog
The Skunks-Good from the Bad / Back Street Fighting (Eel Pie 1978)
The Innocents-So they said yes!
The Lazers-Incest is best/Try so hard/Misfit/Light houses in the bath/Strike shortage/Even love songs like Bitter Thoughts
The Meat-Pints Of Lager/A Packet Of Crisps
The Mistakes-Iguana/Boredom
Open Sore-Vertigo/Eyes on You/ Open Sore
Plastix-Tough On You/9-5
The Ripchords-Ringing in The Streets' (Cells Records 1979)
Security Risk-Action Man/Deep Freeze/Sign Us Up/Hypocrite
SOS!-No Time/Brainwashed/Noise/Live Wire/Nineen
The Spurts- Keep On Coming/Sexperience/Wild Thing
Studio Sweethearts-I Believe /It Isn't Me (DJM Records 1979)
The Sussed-I've Got Me Parka
Tax Exiles-Rough in the Valley/Miracles/Attack and Destroy
The Zips- Radioactivity/I'm Not Impressed (1980)
The Zips- I'm In Love/Over and Over/Take Me Down/Don't Be Pushed Around

25 RIFLES-World War 3 / Revolution Blues
100 FACES-Sits Vacant 7''
THE ACCUSED-Solihull / Arrested / Generation Gap
THE ACTION-Bridge House (casette)
ADDICTION-Is The War Over?
The Alsatians-Teen Romance / Our Man In Marrakesh
ANAL FLEAS-Landlord / Go Down
The Attendants-Happy Families / Dead Beats And No-Ones
AUNTIE-SOCIAl-Preacher / I Want You Back
Backseat Romeos-Zero Ambition,In the Night
BACK TO ZERO-Your Side Of Heaven / Back To Back
BENZINE JAG-Blow Job Rita,We Want An Agent,Living Here Today
Beyond The Implode-"The Last Thoughts" EP
BLOODSPORT-Kill Bloodsports
BLUSH-Everyday / Before We Came Together
BRIX-Radio Alarm,The Addict 7''
THE CANE-Thalidomide,Kirk Brandon
THE CASSETTES-Reverberate / Don't Label Me
CLAY FAV-Air Lakeland / Devils In The Head
THE COMMITED-Crash Victim / British Crimes / Fast Lane / Advertising 7"
The Daze-I Wanna Be A Star / At The Seaside
THE DEEP THROATS-Rock 'N' Roll Discharge / Miami Connection
THE DOUBT-Contrast Disorder / Time Out / Fringes / Lookaway
THE DREGS-The Dregs Of Humanity / I Am Insane / Fatal Attraction / Schoolgirls In Bondage
East Coast Angels-Punk Rockin' / To-Nite's The Nite
THE ELEVATORS-Your I's Are Too Close Together / That's My Baby
Emergency Exit-Vicious,I'm Gonna See Him There, (5 live track)
END RESULT-Victims Of War?
THE ESCORTS- Bingo / Never On Time
THE EYES-I Like It / Once Ain't Enough
FUN 4-Singing In The Showers / Elevator Crash / By-Products
Grimly Fiendish-Live At Clitrehoe Castle
the GROOVE-I Wanna Be Your Pigmy / What Am I Gonna Do About You / Heart Complaint
GUNS FOR HIRE-I'm Gonna Rough My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Up Tonight / I'm Famous Now
TANYA HYDE & THE TORMENTORS-Herr Wunderbar /Auf Der Anderen (Waldos) 1979
THE JETS-Original Terminal / The Iceburn
JUST THE JOB-Fears Of The Years / Street Feelings / London Lights
KNIFE EDGE-Favourite Girl / Say You Will
LAST STAND-Just A Number / Caviare 7"
LES ELITE-Pathways, 1978-1979 LP
LLYGOD FFYRNING-N.C.B. / Sais / Cariad Y Bus Stop
Low Profyle-Hangin' Around / Substitute
MAG/SPYS & THE OBTAINERS-Yeh Yeh Yeh / Pussy Wussy
THE MEANIES-Waiting For You / It's True 7"
MEAN MACHINE-Python,Lousy World,Aint No money
THE MEDIA- T.V. Kids / Don't Sit Back / Getting High / Rose and Crown
THE MENTAL-God For A Day / 18 / Kill The Bill / Off The Rails
THE MOST-Carefree / In and Out
MOUTH TO MOUTH-Gallery Of Dolls 7''
THE MYSTERIOUS FOOTSTEPS-White Dread / Like They Do In The Movies
THE NEEDLES-Jayneski / Gotta Know You
the negatives-Stake Out / Love Is Not Real
THE NEGATIVES-Bringing Fiction Back Into Music (EP)
NO COVER-200 Voices / Seen Too Much
NO WAY-Breaking Point / T.V. Pox / 30 Seconds
THE NUMBERS-Rock Stars / Leather Jacket
THE ONLOOKERS-You & I / Understand / Julia
Oxy & The Morons-Nice To Be Back / Dirty Harry on the Falls Road
The Pedestrians-John Peel on 21/04/82
THE PERFECTORS-YT502951D / Tiny Radios
THE PLASTIC PEOPLE-The Plastic People - Demolition / The Xtraverts - Police State
THE PRISONERS- Release cassette
Laugh cassette (db 1991 Records February 1982)
PUMPHOUSE GANG-Motor City Fantasy / Cocaine
PUNCTURE-Mucky Pup / Can't Rock & Roll (In A Council Flat)
QUALITY DRIVEL-Stagnant Minds / Sale Of The Century / Rituals / Subliminal Cuts
REACTA-Stop The World / SUS
The Really 3rds-Everyday, Everyway / Daptapper
THE REPORTERS-Office Staff / Cinema / Lady Luck
the rivals-Future Rights / Flowers
RUN 229-Soho / Dance / In This Day And Age
THE RUNNING SORES-Punk Star / Me Brain Done Hurt
The Satellites-"Urban Gorilla" / "High Rise Hillbillies
THE SCENE-I've Had Enough / Show'em Now
THE SCOOP-You Can Do It / Disco / My Friend Tony / Anonymity
SELF CONTROL-"Fear Of Rehearsals" 7''
SEVENTEEN-Don't Let Go / Bank Holiday Weekend 7"
SILENT NOISE-I've Been Hurt (So Many Times Before) / Heart To Heart
The Sleepers-Angel In A Raincoat / Endless / A Murder / TWBI
SLOWGUNS-T.V. Movie / American Heart Beat
SPASMS-It Never Happens Like It Does On The Telly / Monday Morning
SPEEDBALL-No Survivors / Is Somebody There?
THE STA-PREST-School Days / Tomorrow
THE STEREOTYPES-Countdown / Champagne Suicide / Parisian / Telephone Affair
THE STEROID KIDDIES-Steroid Kiddies / Dumb Dumb / Accidents / The Link
STRANGEWAYS-(I Don't Know) Who She Is / Years Of Pain
STREET PEOPLE-Personal Values / Fear Of A Stranger / Everlasting Love / I Fail To Laugh
THE STUDIOZ-I Saw Her Standing There / Radio Radio
THE TARTS-Tie Me Kangaroo Down / Gene Queenie
THE THRUST-Society / Northern Town / Fed Up / Reality
THE TREND-Teenage Crush / Cool Johnny
UXB-Crazy Today / Mister Fix-It
THE VAMPS-She Exudes Sexuality / Love Letter / I Only Saw You
THE VARICOSE VEINS-Geographical Problem / Just Because / Hiroshima
THE VEKTORS-Yesterday's Dream / Razor Smile / I Don't Know Why
WASTELAND-Ono / Bombsite Baby / Our Radio Station Burns
THE WHAT-What Is The Cure / Anything Goes / East Coast Kids
XL5-"Here Comes The Knife" 7''
XPRESS-Junked Up Judy / Stop, Start (And Go Back Again)
The Zeros-Zero Impact

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sorry,my english is very bad,yes good stuffs in this list,i wanted this bands many years and i share some help on your blog,help me share some singles please

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Hi im still not sure if this is stuff you want to trade or if you want me to post these records on this site for you ? or if you want to post them for me ? Sorry , I still dont know what you are trying to say .

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Could U possibly help me with finding some singles from this list? There's plenty of it so i ask for help on blogs.thanks

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Cool blog here !
You're added to my blog roll.

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You've got a similar array of 45s on your blog that I've reviewed on mine. I've got lots of info and rare photos of The Royal Nonesuch you may be interested in.


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lol...a list

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Wow that list is hilarious...

I have a feeling the guy hasnt heard the saying: you have to give to receive.

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That is one hell of a list...Ha Ha!