Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The Untamed Youth were a band from Columbia Missouri who I think formed some time around the later half of the eighties . They played great surf and frat style rock and roll mixed with great covers . I'm not sure if their still around or not . I was lucky enough to see them live once, and I have to tell you, they were a really fun band to see live. I really enjoyed myself that night . Sorry for the cover but I bought this as a promo . I love the Gary Lewis cover on here . An Invention to Planet Mace is named after Untamed Youth bassist and, according to the liner notes, King of Men Steve Mace. The Untamed Youth managed to channel the original charge they absorbed from listening to rockabilly, surf, and '60s punk records and spit it back out with vigor and unabashed humor. Highlights include the twangy guitar/ Farfisa organ, hully gully injected "Without a Word of Warning," "Two Wheel Show Stopper," "Fire Breathin 32," and "Mailbox Jamboree" (in which the joys of mailbox smashing are explored,) a swipe at Billy Childish on "I'm More Punk Than You!," the gravelly vocal ranting on "Beer Belly Baby" and "Beer Bust Blues pt 2," and instrumental Watusi mayhem of "Ghost Wave," "Scramble,r" and "Jet's Julep." Seek out this Estrus release from The Untamed Youth and live it up! ~ Al Campbell, All Music Guide

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d.ross said...

Fantastic live band. still. Even without Deke's hair. They just played a festival in last vegas.
Definitely an instance of the records not living up to the show.