Saturday, March 30, 2013

Social Disease (Today E.P.)

 Per Request, Originally posted 2/27/09 (New Rips And Scans)
 Social Disease were a Bristol, England five piece that formed around 1980. They had a demo tape, this Ep and another single that I'm not sure was ever officially released. One interesting thing of note was they had two singers; another is the tracks on this Ep are mixed up and they don't list track Three on the record. I've seen it listed a couple of places as "Tomorrows Burning", so I went with that. I always thought this drummer on this record kicks some major ass; anyway, when I was a kid the track Today found its way onto quite a few of my mixed tapes, hopefully it will find it's way onto a few of yours. ENJOY!!!

Line Up -

Hag - Voxx
Drakes - Voxx
Steve - Guitar
Shaun - Bass
Jim - Drums

Karnage Records 1983

1. Today
2. World At Ransom
3. Tomorrows Burning
4. Bully Boys

♫♫♫...Bully Boys...♫♫♫


Anonymous said...

Great post and blog! I just discovered your blog the other day while looking for the Nasty Facts single and I'm very glad I did. I really like the mix of posts you have. Thanks!

Daz said...

Hey Frank could you please re-up the Social Disease ep?? Cheers mate!!

Anonymous said...

Hallo,many thanks for Social Disease! Can you re-up Dead Wretched - No Hope For The Wretched?? Cheers Erika