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Adolescents (Adolescents Lp Original Version)

 (By Request, a repost from 11/30/2009, New Rip)
   The first press of this Lp has different production than later pressings. For some reason, an echo was added to the vocals on later pressings that I never cared for. Kraut did the same thing when they reissued their first record. My uncle bought this recently on cd and the vocals still have an echo. As far as I know this has never been reissued in it's original form.
 The Adolescents were from Fullerton, California. Steve Soto formed the band after leaving Agent Orange in December 1979. The original line-up was led by frontman Tony Cadena, with Steve Soto on bass, Frank Agnew on guitar, John O'Donovan on guitar and Peter Pan on drums. Both O'Donovan and Pan left in June. Later that year, the group released the classic punk single "Amoeba" on Posh Boy Records. The track also appeared on the Rodney on the ROQ compilation, assembled by L.A. DJ Rodney Bingenheimer.
The Band signed with Frontier Records in January 1981 and recorded this Lp, the following month. It quickly became one of the best-selling California punk albums. Despite this success, Rikk Agnew left the band. He was replaced by Pat Smear, formerly of The Germs. This lineup lasted until the end of June, when Smear left.
The Adolescents broke up in August 1981. Cadena formed The Abandoned, Steve Soto and Frank Agnew joined Legal Weapon, Royer formed D.I., and Rikk Agnew joined Christian Death.
Rikk Agnew made his solo album in 1983 then joined D.I. with Alfie Agnew, Frank and Rikk's younger brother.
In 1986 The Adolescents reformed with their original line-up and started to work on a new album. Before recording Casey Royer and Frank Agnew left the band. Royer had wanted to keep D.I. going (until 1995), and Agnew lost interest. Sandy Hansen took Royer's place on drums and Alfie took Frank's place on guitar. They recorded Brats in Battalions in the late summer. The record came out in August 1987 due to the band deciding to produce and release the album themselves with little cash or backing.
At the end of 1986 Alfie went to college and his place was taken by Dan Colburn; by the end of the year Cadena and Colburn left.
In 1988 Rikk Agnew and Steve Soto decided to replace Colburn with Paul Casey and start singing themselves. Casey left after four months and Frank Agnew replaced him on guitar, after touring the band recorded their then-final album Balboa Fun Zone.
The Adolescents broke up in April 1989. Steve Soto, Sandy Hansen and Frank Agnew started Joyride and Rikk Agnew did a couple of solo albums.
The band regrouped to tour for the 20th anniversary of their self-titled album in 2001 and have continued to perform. Live guitarists can vary depending on who is available—their summer 2006 tour had Joe Harrison and Matt Beld in place of the Agnews. They released their first reunion album, O.C. Confidential, in 2005 on Finger Records, a label owned and run by Mel Schantz out of Orange County, California.
In March 2007, bassist Steve Soto confirmed that The Adolescents had begun writing material for their follow-up to O.C. Confidential, which was possibly due for release "by the end of" that year. In late 2007, The Adolescents announced in a MySpace blog entry that they were working on the new album originally expected to released in the spring of 2008. In March 2009, the band announced that they were in the process of writing lyrics to the album and were to begin recording shortly. If you want to read more about the band, here's they're Wikipedia Page.


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topper said...

interesting........... didn't know that Frank.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of seeing a re-upload of this album?

I used to have the original versions of the songs but lost them years ago, and I'm sick of listening to the echo-ey mix.

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Thanks! Much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Frank! I actually saw Mr. Smear perform with these guys at Perkins Palace in Pasadena, CA during the spring of 1981. They were the opening band for the Dickies. I believe it was the second to last show Chuck Wagon played before committing suicide. Lot's of HB's came up to cause trouble. It didn't help when Leonard whizzed on a punkette's head. And I mean gushed, probably a few beers! I think it was the most people I ever saw physically ejected from a gig! Anyway, this is how I remember this album sounding.

Nice rip! Thanks again!

Punk Business Manager said...

Thanks for posting this! I did not know (or forgot) that their wonderful 1st LP had a different original mix. I have gotten so used to listening to "the other mix" of it over many years that it'll be interesting now to compare the two. Have a good one, and keep up the great work as always with your site!

Frank said...

Thanks for the comment, great story; I'm glad you enjoyed the rip.

Frank said...

Thanks Tony, I can't listen to the remix of this album. The Echoey vocals really kill it for me. Thanks for the comment hope you enjoy it.

ozzy de V. said...

thank frank...i'll see them in concert in july in milan....listen to this album is like a warm-up

Frank said...

Sounds cool Ozzy, thanks for the comment!