Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Speedies (Let Me Take Your Foto and Something On My Mind Singles)

A re-post, by request, originally posted separately on 6-17-09 and 5-10-10. New rips and scans enjoy!
The Speedies were one of the more popular bands of the late 1970's NYC, Max's Kansas City/ C.B.G.B's Club Scene, despite the fact that 3 of the 5 members were still in High School at the time. At the height of their popularity, Allen, the drummer, was 15, Greg and Eric, the 2 guitar players were 16, John Marino was 20 and John Carlucci, 21. They broke the House attendance records at Max's Kansas City by selling out 4 shows in one weekend. The Speedies opened for many of the biggest Punk/Power Pop bands of the era, including The Jam, The Undertones, The Gang of Four, Ultravox, The Members, The David Johanson Group,The Plimsouls, The Rezillos, and the Tourists.They released 2 super catchy singles, the first, "Let Me Take your Foto" b/w "No Substitute", was produced by the late Joel Webber, (the founder of the New Music Seminar) and recorded at Skyline studios in NYC. The second,"Something on My Mind" b/w "Time", was produce by Clem Burke of Blondie, and recorded at Jimi Hendrix' Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village. Here's The Speedies Myspace page.

Line Up -

John Marino - Lead Vocals
Eric Hoffert - Lead Guitar
John Carlucci - Bass, Vocals
Greg Crewdson - Guitar
Allen Hurkin - Drums

Golden Disc Records 1979

1. Let Me Take Your Foto
2. No Substitute

♫♫♫...I Just Might Get Annoyed...♫♫♫

Speedy Delivery Music 1981

1. Something On My Mind
2. Time

♫♫♫...Another Teenage Disappointment...♫♫♫


Nazz Nomad said...

wauuughhh- they played my high school in 1980!!!!!!!


That's cool, I wish I went to your school. The only band that played at my school was a rock band sponsered by the school, that I played guitar in.Pretty funny, I had fun though.

Jeff Greenstein said...

And "Greg Crewdson" was none other than Gregory Crewdson, now a renowned artist / photographer:


"Let me take your foto" indeed!

Frank Miller said...

I wonder which came first; the song or the desire to become a photographer....Thanks for the comment Jeff.

edison61 said...

Saw them back in the day at either the second Peppermint Lounge or Danceteria....I can't remember. Tho I do remember a very fun show and going home with the coat check girl, something I haven't remembered in over 35 years!! Thanks again.

Frank Miller said...

Sounds like a great time!