Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Spasms (It Never Happens Like It Does On The Telly Single)

A repost, by request, originally posted 12-21-10, New Rips and Scans.
   The Spasms were a four piece from Chesterfield England. I think this may have been their only single, and according to this Boredteenagers page, there were only 500 pressed. I also found this Myspace page.

Line Up -

Pete Monk - Guitar
Glen Broadhurst - Vocals and Guitar
John Baines - Bass
Brian Slater - Drums

Ellie Jay Records 1980

1. It Never Happens Like It Does On The Telly
2. Monday Morning

♫♫♫...My Life Is Just To Real For Me...♫♫♫


Glenn Broadhurst said...

HI FRANK,I'm Glenn Boadhurst x singer songwriter with Spasms.Just a note to thank you for the post on our humble 7" and to let anyone interested know that Detour Records are releasing a CD(SPASMS THE RETURN OF THE SPUDGUN KIDS)early in 2011.It will feature the 45, lots of never heard SPASMS classics and be a limited pressing of 200.ALSO you can checkout SPASMS on facebook and my you tube( broadly122) channelTAKE CARE.Glenn.

Woody said...

Thank you for your great work and many thankx for all. Merry Xmas.

CORPUS 77 said...


Frank Miller said...

Hi Glen, thanks for leaving a comment, it's a great single.I hope I can pick up a copy of the disc when it comes out.Look forward to hearing more from Spasms. Thanks Woody, congrats Corpus, and Merry Christmas to all of you.

Glenn Broadhurst said...



Frank Miller said...

Thanks Glen,look forward to it.

Glenn Broadhurst said...

Hi frank just to let you know that the SPASMS cd is sellig well and has had some good reviews....there's one in record collector mag this month which is nice.see yaGlennxx

Glenn Broadhurst said...

ps Also had some radio play in uk ....first time since John Peel played us in 79.....awsome!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for reminding me about the CD Glen; I forgot all about it. I just picked one up,I look forward to hearing it. I'm glad to hear its doing well, and I'm sure its got to be pretty cool to hear it on the radio after all these years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-post. Been looking to round out a full set of recordings for the Ellie Jay 'punk' releases, so happy to add this one. Cheers, M.

Frank Miller said...

No problem, thanks for the comment!