Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Jags (Woman's World Single)

A repost, by request, originally posted 12-21-10, New Rips and Scans.

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A repost, by request, originally posted 2-7-10, new rips and scans.
   I think I've probably owned every Jags record, at one time or another; this one being my favorite of the bunch. Most of their records are pretty easy to find and inexpensive, so if you like this, you shouldn't have much trouble finding it.
   The Jags were a Yorkshire based four piece that formed in 1978. In July of that year, they signed to Island Records and before disbanding sometime around 1982; they released an Ep, a couple Lp's and a maybe a half a dozen singles.

Line Up -

Nick Watkinson - Vocals
John Alder - Guitar
Steve Prudence - Bass
Alex Baird - Drums

Island Records 1980

1. Womans World
2. Dumb Blonde

♫♫♫...I Can't Be Sad If Your Upset...♫♫♫


Longy said...

Thanks Frankie. I never quite managed to own this one for some reason!

Frank Miller said...

No problem Longy.Thanks for the comment!

Beyes said...

Please re-up this one when you can. Thank you!

Frank Miller said...

Check back this week Barry. I'll see what I can do.

Beyes said...

Great, thanks!

Frank Miller said...

Here ya go Barry, Enjoy!

Beyes said...

Thank you!